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Branding solutions in
Signage, Fleet Graphics
and Large Format


Canton Creative Company was founded in 1996 by Michael H. Plumb as a supportive creative service within the graphics industry. Michael has over 40 years of experience in the fleet, sign and store interior display business. His career in graphics began in 1972 with the Decorative Products Division (now named Commercial Solutions) of 3M Company, and continues today in the screenprinting /digital imaging industry. His work experience gives him a unique and valuable insight in the many facets of corporate communications.

After Canton Creative's initial success came the need to build its resources to better meet its client’s needs. Continuing experience with brand management grew the services and skill set it could offer its clients. Canton Creative has built an extensive client list and an array of services that include development of corporate identity, digital communications, collateral development, graphic design, and brand solutions for signage, fleet and large format graphics.

Canton Creative offers to meet its clients individual needs in a fully customizable approach of advisory and creative services.


Canton Creative has spent the majority of its existence working with brand managers, so focusing on the brand’s message begins the process. An acute awareness of real world possibilities provides focus, while 30+ years of experience provides a continuous workflow.

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Michael Plumb - 404.386.8690
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